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Why did my Oregon property tax bill go up? 4 questions to ask

Oregon homeowners might be wondering why they owe so much more in property taxes than last year.  Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas county residents can look up their tax bills and compare them to the rest of the region on our map. Oregon’s complex property tax system doesn’t always make it easy to figure out, but here are four questions […]

Portland ranked among nation’s top moving destinations

Surprise, surprise: Portland is among the country’s top moving destinations. That’s according to Updater, a moving app that ranked the top 15 moving destinations of 2018. Updater says its list is based on data from a subset of 2 million household goods moves from January through August. So how did Portland stack up? Updater also released […]

Americans Are Moving Closer to Nature, and to Fire Danger

The deadly wildfires that are devastating communities in parts of Northern and Southern California first ignited in an expanding part of the American landscape: not in forests, not in cities, but in the areas that experts call the wildland-urban interface.  It is the transition zone between wildlands — such as forests, grasslands and scrublands — […]

Housing Market Slows, as Rising Prices Outpace Wages

DENVER — By nearly any measure, this city is booming. The unemployment rate is below 3 percent. There is so much construction that a local newspaper started a “crane watch” feature. Seemingly every week brings headlines about companies bringing high-paying jobs to the area. Yet, Denver’s once-soaring housing market has run into turbulence. Sales and […]

The Greenest Places

Which American cities are the most energy efficient? How do you measure energy efficiency? When it comes to individual homes, it’s a good bet that smart buildings equipped with Energy Star-rated appliances will consume less energy. But figuring out the energy efficiency of an entire city is more complicated, and requires factoring in things like local law and […]

Where to Buy an Affordable Vacation Home, Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

Once you’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test, you’ve got a four-letter passcode that reveals nuances of your personality and a deeper understanding of yourself. Just like you, cities around the United States have unique personalities, too—some secluded spots are natural fits for introverts while other museum-rich hubs will stimulate the busy minds of thinkers. We already […]

National home-price growth slows, following Portland’s lead

Rising home prices are beginning to slow nationally as more would-be buyers are finding houses out of reach.  Home prices rose 6 percent in July compared with a year earlier, according to the S&P Corelogic Case-Shiller home price index, the smallest increase since September. Fifteen of 20 major metro areas included in the home-price survey […]

2018’s Greenest Cities in America

“Green” living means a choice to engage in cleaner, more sustainable habits in order to preserve the planet as much as possible. Nearly three in four Americans believe that “the country should do whatever it takes to protect the environment.” And a majority of Americans think the government is currently doing too little to improve water and air quality […]