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Baseball Investors Gear Up For Marketing Push

The plan to bring Major League Baseball to Oregon is rounding the bases, and its founder believes this summer is going to be a grand slam. You’d be forgiven for thinking the plan to build a Major League Baseball stadium in Portland has struck out. Or at least faced a rain delay. The Portland Diamond Project, […]

Portland’s Home Care Experts Spill Their Secrets

TILE “Always double-check your tile quantities and purchase more tile than you think you will need. We recommend 10–15 percent for waste and cuts,” says Megan Coleman, cofounder of local modern tile maker Clayhaus. She adds, “if you are going to go busy on your countertop, go simple on your backsplash, and vice versa. Only one can […]

‘Flintstone’ house sparks lawsuit from California town: ‘It’s an eyesore’

The quirky home features dinosaurs and a sign proclaiming ‘Yabba-dabba-doo’, but neighbors aren’t amused. California architecture has captured the world’s imagination with its classic midcentury bungalows and beach houses. But one architectural landmark in the state has gone a distinctively different route, and it’s not to the town’s liking. The “Flintstones” home in northern California appears to […]

Eugene moves forward with plans for “innovation district”

The college town has become the latest Oregon city to embrace the economic development strategy. This week local leaders in Eugene are meeting to discuss the concept of building an innovation district, and in late spring or summer the plan will start to come together in a more formal way. The discussions build on several years […]

Found: A Historic Trolley Hidden Inside a House

When Trenton’s streetcars came to a halt in the 1930s, one literally found a home. WHEN BRANDON BREZA AND MARC Manfredi, buddies since high school, started a real estate venture together, they didn’t expect to find themselves on an adventure in historic preservation. In August 2018, they purchased a foreclosed house at 31 Smith Avenue in […]

The Untold History Behind Why Most Real Estate Agents Are Women

A little over a year ago, Dani Rosenthal was at a crossroads. After spending more than 10 years working for homeware and apparel companies, she was looking to leave city-life and spend more time in Lake Arrowhead, California, where her family had decades-long roots. She loved architecture and historic renovations, and wanted to nurture these […]

Add a Steamy Sauna to Your Backyard

Betsy Cross wanted a hot tub. Her husband, Will Cervarich, did not. “I’m not a big hot tub guy. Like, at all,” says Cervarich. “I was like, ‘Just for the record, I will never use it.’ So we started talking about it, and we were like, ‘Well, what about a sauna?’” The compromise turned out […]