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Add a Steamy Sauna to Your Backyard

Betsy Cross wanted a hot tub. Her husband, Will Cervarich, did not. “I’m not a big hot tub guy. Like, at all,” says Cervarich. “I was like, ‘Just for the record, I will never use it.’ So we started talking about it, and we were like, ‘Well, what about a sauna?’” The compromise turned out […]

Where to See Wildflowers This Season

The best places to catch the West’s stunning blooms this spring This winter may have been drier than last year’s, when record-breaking snow and rainfall brought wildflower superblooms to national parks and fields across the West, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to spot gorgeous blossoms this spring. As temperatures continue to rise, wildflower season […]

13 Extraordinary Women in Design and Architecture You Need to Know

Celebrate International Women’s Day with the work of 13 inspiring designers whose contributions to architecture, interior design, industrial design, and beyond are changing the game. March may be Women’s History Month in the United States, but the work of women in all fields of design surrounds us every day of the year. From textile design […]

Are you a homeowner? Here’s how much richer you are now

Strong demand for housing last year kept home prices surging, and that means more homeowners are now sitting on more cash in the form of home equity. Collectively, homeowners with mortgages saw their equity increase by just over 8 percent in 2018, according to CoreLogic. That is from a combination of home value gains and […]

Developers Are Now Designing Apartments for Selfies

Designer Ryan Korban has always been devoted to Instagram. An influencer himself (with some 137,000 followers), the 34-year-old New School graduate earned his success by designing flagship stores for high-fashion brands that were flooded with selfie-takers from the go. Using bold colors and “wow moments” such as a massive dome made of gold leaf for the Madison Avenue Aquazzura boutique, he […]

This business owner builds homes out of shipping containers

Carl Coffman is betting that in the near future, people will want to live in shipping containers. After 35 years as an excavation contractor, Coffman decided he wanted to spark a conversation about climate change and natural resources. The retired contractor set up shop in Oregon City. His company, Relevant Buildings, fabricates finished homes out of recycled […]