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For the Love of a Country House

For New Yorkers — a city of renters with apartments that are usually just barely big enough to accommodate their lives — a vacation home is not always just a house. Sometimes, it’s more like a long-distance lover, the kind you only see when the weather is nice and no one has to go to […]

Portland Now Generates Electricity From Turbines Installed In City Water Pipes

You’d be forgiven if the phrase “Portland goes green with innovative water pipes” doesn’t immediately call to mind thoughts of civil engineering and hydro-electric power. And yet, that’s exactly what Oregon’s largest city has done by partnering with a company called Lucid Energy to generate clean electricity from the water already flowing under its streets and through its pipes. Portland has replaced a section of its […]

How to Market a House Without a Garage

Garages haven’t always been part of the American home. In fact, it wasn’t until Ford Motor Co. started mass-producing the Model T in 1913 that small detached sheds were built on properties that had enough land to protect these new contraptions, according to Scott Sidler, licensed contractor and author of The Craftsman Blog. As the size […]

Portland Neighborhoods by the Numbers 2018: The Suburbs

Welcome to our annual reference guide to 125 Portland neighborhoods and suburbs. Last year, two-thirds of Portland metro area markets clocked double-digit one-year median price changes. That hotness still holds in 2018. (Even as the fever breaks, just a bit, in the city of Portland, where prices rose just a median five percent.) From Cornelius to […]

The Incredible Shrinking Home

HomeWorld’s annual Generational Marketing Report in the August 6 issue examines how the downsizing of American homes across generations is reshaping housewares design, development and marketing. Among the indicators of this small space living and design convergence is escalating demand for and creation of space-conserving, multi-functional and convertible housewares— from countertop cooking appliances to task furniture […]

We Asked: How Is The Homeownership Crisis Affecting You?

People from nearly every state in the country responded to a request from NPR on social media to tell us about their experience trying to buy a home. From urban metro areas to distant suburbs, there were common themes of rising home prices coupled with limited options. In a series of stories NPR has reported […]

Study Says: It’s Easy to Get a Mortgage Again

For many, the path to becoming a first-time homeowner is an uphill climb. Student debt, low wages, high housing prices, and massive down payments can mean putting home-owning dreams on the back burner. But a new report provides a flicker of light for wannabe home buyers: It’s getting pretty easy to land a mortgage again, […]