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New Apartment building designed for bike enthusiasts

In Portland’s Eliot neighborhood, a cycling-centric apartment building is wrapping up construction along Northeast Cook Street. The mixed-use, 206-unit Cook Street Apartments is the largest complex in the North Williams Corridor and borders North Williams Avenue, a bike route that connects commuters over the Broadway Bridge directly into the City Center, about two miles away. […]

Neighborhood clean-up calendar

Curb too close?  Dump too far? Do you have items in your home that are difficult to dispose of because of their size and shape?  Neighborhood cleanups make disposing of bulky waste (old furniture, cat castles, etc.) easy.  Plus they cost less than fees required at the dump and help to fund community activities like […]

Portland Extends ADU Incentive to increase density

Portland’s City Council has voted unanimously to extend a popular fee waiver for accessory dwelling units, according to local blog Accessory Dwellings. The waiver of System Development Charges, or SDCs, was set to expire in July, leading advocates for ADUs to lobby for an extension. Accessory dwelling units, which include basement apartments and backyard tiny […]

Millennials are headed to the ‘burbs!

It was only a matter of time. Literally. As millennials grow older, get married, have children, they are seeking out bigger houses and better schools. That means the suburbs. They are also getting tired of paying higher urban rents and watching those rents rise. Just 17 percent of millennials bought homes in urban or central […]

Portland to start foreclosing on “zombie houses”

  No one can say exactly how many properties in Portland have sunk to the status of the now-boarded-up home at 7926 SE 75th: vacant, abandoned by owners, unclaimed by banks, and attracting problems. They’re called “zombie houses,” or “vacant and distressed properties” in the parlance of city staff. Either way, they’re not available for […]

Restaurants revitalize neighborhoods in PDX

A look at any of Portland’s most vibrant neighborhoods will show that food has been central to their success. In fact, food-based businesses most often are first at the table when it comes to neighborhood development and revitalization, according to Mike Thelin. Thelin, co-founder of Feast Portland, said there are striking similarities between the design […]

Design Week Portland presents Futurelandia

Strap on your jetpack–let’s time travel to the Portland of tomorrow. Since being incorporated in 1851, The Rose City has experienced a nearly constant state of change. Once again, it seems like everywhere you turn Portland is evolving before our eyes. Our city skyline transforming, historic neighborhoods gentrifying, and housing costs running sky-high as a […]

A Community Energy Project offers free classes on lead based paint

Lead poisoning has hit the headlines during the past few months because of the situation in Flint, Michigan, where citizens have been overwhelmed by a huge, toxic-water problem. Portland, fortunately, does not have problems with lead in its water, but its denizens should be aware of lead-based paint. Lead-based paint was for all practical purposes […]