Agent Alan Allred

About Alan

I grew up on the west coast and after college, spent more than 10 years developing domestic and international sales offices for Fortune 1000 companies. Paying attention to details and the ability to negotiate complex business agreements were daily requirements. My clients stretched from one hemisphere to another, and that meant traveling extensively. Fun for a while, but over time hotel rooms and restaurant food left me homesick for my own bed and a home cooked meal.

I’ve always been fascinated by older homes. For me there’s a soul or a feeling about them. I don’t know if it comes from the careful attention of the craftsman’s hand or something that’s left behind from earlier lives held within their walls. So after buying a turn of the century house to fix-up and learning a lot of valuable (and costly) lessons along the way, I decided to apply what I’d learned and made Real Estate my new career. I couldn’t have chosen a better place to do this work. Portland is the only place I’ve ever lived that acts like a big city when it comes to offering great food or live entertainment, yet feels like a small town when I want to walk to my local coffee shop or neighborhood Yoga studio. In the end though it’s the people, the whole eclectic range of looks, lifestyles and personalities, that makes this such a wonderful place to call home.

Which brings me to why I’m a Realtor. Pretty simple really, I love my work and I have a whole lot of fun doing it. In my role I’m accountable to only one person, you my client. It’s a far cry from working with large organizations where success required balancing many objectives. I have one focus now, advocating for your best interests, exactly as you define them. I will advise and guide you every step of the way, so that you can make informed decisions with a clear understanding of the consequences. I love to educate too, so to whatever degree you’re interested, I’m happy to teach you about the process. Although I can’t eliminate the stressful moments that come up during transactions, you can be assured that I’m sweating the details so that you don’t have to.

Other things that make me tick: Friends and community; Ancient cultures along with their ceremonies and healing traditions; Foreign travel, though only for fun now; Music, great food and fine wine; Backpacking trips with my dog to high alpine lakes and sleeping under the stars; The satisfaction of helping people who are in transition and feeling that I’ve made a difference.

Alan Allred

Principal Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon

office: 503.238.7617 x106
cell phone: 503.347.8529
fax: 503.234.9511

Words From Alan’s Clients:

“As experienced home buyers but neophyte Portlanders, we weren’t sure what to expect when we sought out to purchase a house. Frankly, we were surprised at how much more to it there was than simply finding a property we liked. It quickly dawned on us that we had a lot of homework to do to learn the neighborhoods, the market conditions, and all of the unique considerations that came with the territory; with Alan’s area knowledge, experience, and connections, we couldn’t imagine a better study partner! Having an agent to help  with everything from finding the right neighborhood (for us) to strategizing the offer was invaluable, and key to turning the house hunting process into an enjoyable and successful venture. All of Alan’s advice and hard work are truly appreciated and we couldn’t be happier in our new home. Many thanks.”

Sonny & Melissia

“We wanted to take the opportunity to thank Alan Allred for his guidance and hard work representing us in the sale of our properties.”

“Three properties in 5 months! And none were available for sale longer than a week! From the time we prepared to list a property to the moment we signed the closing documents, he kept us informed of how the process was proceeding. He made us aware of what we needed to do and what he was doing at all times. Alan built a relationship and we were truly partners.”

“The direction provided was, without a doubt, beneficial to the selling of our properties. Through the course of the various transactions, Alan led us in a collaboration that made the process culminate in an organized and rapid manner. We would be more than happy to recommend him to any prospective clients.”

Jim & Debbie P.