Agent Emma Frazier

About Emma

An Oregon native, Emma grew up in the Eugene area and started a career in banking that spanned 15 years. Emma’s journey in the financial industry led her to Portland, the Bay Area and eventually southern California where she learned a great deal about business, leadership, homes and people.

The desire to get back to her roots, personally and professionally, brought her back to Portland.  Emma’s love for design, the City of Portland, its diverse neighborhoods, and working with people to achieve their dreams made getting her real estate license the logical next step. Leveraging her experience in finance and the mortgage industry, Emma is known for outstanding client service, 24/7 availability, personal touches and is a skilled negotiator with her client’s best interests at heart.  Emma is driven each day by helping her clients find the home of their dreams, educating them throughout every step and making the home buying/selling process enjoyable and successful.

In Emma’s free time she enjoys traveling, decorating her home, making art with re-purposed materials and entertaining her fabulous friends & family.

Emma Frazier

Real Estate Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon

office: 503.238.7617 x105
fax: 503.234.9511

Words From Emma’s Clients:

“I haven’t hired very many realtors, but enough to know that realtors don’t always work very hard for their living. Erica Dagle and Emma Frazier do. Buying a house in a competitive market is nerve wracking—it would have been much more so, but every step of the way, they were there for me, always responsive, and always on top of it. Both of them dovetail an impressive and trustworthy set of qualities—-they’re both sincere and smart, good hearted and savvy. They know the market and work hard, but make it feel easy, even though it’s not. I’m very thankful to have found them, along with my sweet house and neighborhood. Best wishes, and thank you!”

We are so grateful to have worked with Emma through the sale our first home and purchase of our second. It would have been stressful to work through both transactions, simultaneously, even if everything had gone smoothly, but alas it didn’t… We ran into many unexpected challenges – on both homes – throughout the process. At some points it felt like a new issue was popping up every day. Emma did an incredible job helping us navigate through the challenges – always making sure we were up to speed and felt comfortable. She seemingly worked day and night to respond to every issue that came up and find a resolution as soon as possible.   We also benefited greatly from Emma’s network, she coordinated multiple top-notch contractors to make repairs to our first home prior to sale and arranged countless bids on our second to ensure we had all information necessary in our negotiations.   

Throughout the process we never doubted that Emma had our best interests at heart and her primary goal was to make sure felt great about the transactions in the end. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and would highly, highly recommend!

“Erica Dagle and Emma Fraizer help us simultaneously buy a new build home and sell our condo. We chose them because they worked as a team, which meant that someone was always available to show us listings or do an open house, etc. They were excellent communicators throughout the entire process. We couldn’t have managed the complex process of selling our condo, dealing with our HOA and the builder for our new home without them. I appreciate their straightforward and honest feedback and would recommend them to anyone looking to buy and/or sell!”

“Emma was amazing. We’ve bought and sold before, so we know the difference between good realtors and not-so-good realtors. Emma is definitely one of the good ones. This was our first purchase in Oregon and in a city we’re not completely familiar with. She spent a ton of time going over the process, setting exceptions, and helping us figure out the best neighborhood for us and our needs. She was on top of it every step of the way. Always filling us in and giving us next steps. The entire process went smoothly and I credit that to Emma’s work ethic and attentiveness. Overall, we couldn’t be happier. It was a great experience.”

“Emma is truly an exceptional realtor and we highly recommend her! She went above and beyond to find us our beautiful new home in Portland. As first time out-of-state buyers, viewing properties remotely during a pandemic seemed like a stressful process but Emma supported and guided us every step of the way. We felt like we were her only clients even though she was juggling multiple sales. She was always attentive to our needs, an outstanding communicator and most of all the kindest person you could wish for to navigate the real estate market with. Emma, thank you for all your hard work finding us our first home. We are ever so grateful!”

“We found Portland’s Alternative Realtors through google reviews since we don’t know many people in the area.

To give some brief context, we were first time homebuyers from the midwest. Prior to beginning our search, we asked our closest family members what we should expect from our realtor. We were told to expect them to pressure us to pay our highest dollar amount because realtors make a greater profit from a higher sale price. They definitely had bad experiences.

We worked with Emma and our experience could not have been more different. She was friendly and outgoing, very knowledgeable in the PDX housing market, and incredibly responsive to emails, texts, and phone calls. 

My wife found her dream home and relayed to Emma how in love she was with this place. We made an initial offer and were later advised by the seller’s agent to submit our highest and best revised offer due to there being several potential buyers. When we talked this over with Emma, she helped us find an amount that was lower than our highest and best but still in line with the market value. It was such a nerve-wracking part of the process but this proved to us that she was always looking out for our interests and what the final appraisal of the house would be. On top of all that, she also got every possible bid for work to help negotiate our final sale agreement with the seller. 

We enjoyed all of the time we spent with Emma in our search and in the buying process and could not recommend her enough. She helped make the dream home a reality. Our family members call her a unicorn realtor!”

“We absolutely loved working with Emma and Erica. They gave us great advice and to this day I am grateful for how quickly they were able to sell our home. They were knowledgeable, professional, well connected, patient with me and I could not have been happier with the sale. Still pinching myself. I would highly recommend them both!”

“We had a fantastic experience with Portland’s Alternative Realtors and Emma Frazier. As first-time homebuyers, we were initially intimidated by the market and the process of home buying. Finding Emma made everything so much more navigable. She was a wonderful guide and, honestly, shouldered more responsibilities than she had to. In our case, we were not only purchasing a home but doing so from out of state, which (needless to say) complicated the process further. Emma took us on FaceTime tours of dozens of houses over the course of a month or so and gave candid feedback throughout the process. It was the next best thing to being there ourselves. We never doubted that she had our very best interest in mind. Once we eventually got an offer accepted, Emma continued working closely with us through that process, and because we were out of state, she helped us to coordinate with contractors on work that needed to be done before we moved in. She made recommendations for painters, contractors, a floor guy. She was a treasure trove of knowledge and information. Worth noting too: Emma is very cool. It felt like getting invaluable advice from a sister. She’s funny. She’s fun. She rooted for our victories and cheered us up after disappointments. I’m not sure that we could’ve found a better fit for us than Emma. She’s a wonderful realtor and a wonderful person. 10/10 recommend.”

“We’re so happy that the stars align for Emma to be our realtor – she’s everything you’d hope for (and more) on the journey to homeownership. We had no idea what we were getting into but she helped us through each step with such tremendous patience, knowledge, organization, and grace – during a pandemic no less! She really took the time to listen to our goals and future plans. In walk throughs she pointed out things that we overlooked and ALWAYS had our best interest in mind. I really felt protected. Beyond that, during the times of discouragement or feeling out of our league she was such a gem; positive, fun, and encouraging. Emma was always on point, a wonderful guide, and quick to make it all happen. I cannot recommend her and her team at PDX Alternative Reality enough!”

“Emma was honestly the best Realtor we could have asked for! I would hands down recommend her to anyone– she was a hero for us through this process of buying our first home! She was extremely organized, professional, warm, and knowledgeable about all of the homes we toured and the real estate market. She showed us maybe 25 houses in one weekend when we had originally only planned to see around 12 (we came in from out of town). She was super flexible and accommodating for us on this weekend– I thought to myself, gosh, Emma must be exhausted and I can’t imagine how she’s juggling all this! That said, she was positive, cheerful and energetic the entire time we were with her. Before closing, she met several different contractors at the house for us because we were out of town. Every time we mentioned needing a contractor to go to the house, she happily offered to meet them there. She was super super awesome! Two of our friends also worked with her and had the same experience.”

“Emma is an absolutely AMAZING person. She will do anything to make your life easy an only do what’s best for you. Emma is one of the most genuine people I know, she will go above and beyond and not only meet– but EXCEED your expectations! Emma helped me through everything I needed to know especially in this uncertain times, she was always well informed and extremely attentive. Emma is a very genuine, hard working person that spends the time and effort to get to know you on a deeper level. This is very helpful, to have a trust worthy friend when selling your home. There was never a moment I felt confused or lost in the process. Emma made our experience so simple and smooth. We appreciated everything especially how she kept in contact with us and kept us updated thru the entire process. We really love her problem solving attitude and how quickly she got ahead of any issues that popped up. It was just an overall wonderful experience, her expertise guide us through the whole way for A-Z. Would I HIGHLY recommend Emma and the crew @ Portland alternative realtor an astounding YES!!!”

“Hands down the best experience partnering with Emma and Erica. I was a first time home buyer and they guided me through the process with ease and professionalism. They put in the work to help me find the right home and once I found it’d they went above and beyond to help me lock it in. I feel like I found a true dream team and highly recommend their services and expertise. Literally can not say enough great things about this duo!

Emma and Erica were recommended to me by a former neighbor who they helped to get her dream home.”

“Emma Frazier and Leia Carlton helped my husband and I buy our first home. They are simply the best. Overall, my husband and I were in the market for about 6 months and 8 offers. During that time, Leia and Emma were at our service and ready to help every step of the way. Even though it took us what felt like an eternity to find a home, they never made us feel pressured to do anything we weren’t 100% comfortable with. They negotiated us a great deal, procured what felt like 1,000 bids, and even caught some discrepancies in the loan paperwork during close. But, enough with the boring stuff. These two are fun. If you are anything like me, you will spend hours driving around Portland with your realtor. Do yourself a favor and don’t get trapped in a car with a dud. My husband and I looked forward to seeing Emma each week. There is a variety of competence in Realtors. When you work with Alt PDX you know you are getting the very best and will have fun along the way. I did.”

“As first-time homebuyers, working with Leia and Emma was a fantastic experience. First, we were so fortunate to have two Realtors working on our behalf, and they made a great team. Leia brought a depth of knowledge and experience, and her sage advice and good judgment were greatly appreciated during the offer and repair negotiations. Emma was gracious with her time, walking us through the offer contract line by line, and hunting down every roofing contractor in town to help us get an inspection. Overall, I am so impressed with their responsiveness, professionalism, and attention to detail. They managed all the contractors, tracked every open item, and helped us out every step of the way. The transaction went smoothly, we felt like we were in great hands the entire time, and I am so grateful for all their efforts on our behalf.”

“I chose to work with Portland’s Alternative Realtors because an agent of theirs named Emma Frazier came highly recommended from a friend. I have never been through the process of buying a home before and was terrified. After my initial meeting with Emma, I knew I was in good hands. She paid very careful attention to the details that were important to me in a home and helped sort the signal from the vast noise of the market / RMLS feed. In our searches, I could tell she has a very keen eye for foundation damage, poor workmanship, and a nose for smells that may indicate greater issues. She’s like a real-estate terminator. After we found the place that was right for me, she guided me through the buying process, shielding me from as much of the minutia and heavy back-and-forth typically involved in this process as possible. I travel a lot for work and was barely in town to deal with continuous meetings with inspectors, agents, etc. but Emma took care of it all, boiling down the main points for me with extreme clarity and providing inspection videos. She’s an expert translator of real-estate mumbo jumbo to the average apathetic human, such as myself. Following the purchase, she condensed all remaining work to be done in a nice bulleted list and even offered to set up bids from the trusted contractors she has worked with in the past. I felt a strong kinship with her and knew that she felt personally responsibility for finding the perfect home for me. I couldn’t recommend her and Portland’s Alternative Realtors enough. Nothing but love.”

“It was a pleasure working with Colleen and Emma. Since my husband and I don’t live in Portland, Colleen and Emma were really helpful when we visited to hunt for a rental property. It was a really good experience meeting them, and we liked how they prepared a list of neighborhoods to check out so that we get a sense of the city.

They were organized and responsive throughout the whole buying process. I would highly recommend your business on various social networks. Thank you for following up with us.”

Emma Frazier was our realtor and she was outstanding. As first-time home sellers, she expertly guided  through the complexities of selling a house. She was extremely attentive and responsive and struck a perfect balance between offering her well-informed opinion and empowering us to make the final call on difficult decisions. Emma advocated strongly for our interests in negotiations with the buyer and communicated clearly and promptly throughout the home-selling experience. We recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation!”

“My husband and I were looking to buy our first home in Portland. While still living in San Francisco. Needless to say we were pretty apprehensive about the entire process. However, our amazing realtor, Emma Frazier, made it very easy for us! We saw about 40 houses over the course of one long weekend, which meant we spent a lot of hours “trapped” in the car together, driving all across Portland. Emma was great. She understood what we were looking for and kept our moods high, even when we were starting to give up…  When we finally found the house of our dreams, Emma took care of everything! Dealing with inspections, getting bids, negotiating with the seller, and keeping us updated every step of the way. If you’re looking for a realtor in Portland, Emma is your agent!”

“My wife and I found our experience with Emma Frazier from Portland Alternative Realtors to be top notch. We were first time home-buyers and a little intimidated by the process, but she made us comfortable with things from the start. She was also very flexible and able to roll with things when we wanted to buy a house very quickly in our search process, she was available basically at all times during the middle of the Thanksgiving/Christmas season (we closed 12/23) and gave us great advice on staying competitive for a house we really wanted that had multiple offers despite only being on the market a few days, and it seemed like she went out of her way to make the seller aware of our seriousness and promote our interests. Her advice and advocacy for us paid off as our offer was accepted. She was extremely thorough in the escrow/repairs/negotiation process and very consistent with communication even as we settled things amidst holiday travels. Would definitely recommend Emma/Portland Alternative to friends, so no hesitation spreading the word on yelp! We recommend Portland Alternative realtors and Emma Frazier very highly if you are in the market for a home in Portland!”

“Emma and Colleen are the best agents you could possibly ask for.  Our relationship started with them when we were moving to Portland from out of state.  They bent over backwards to find us the perfect house!  They were in constant communication and even would Skype us from houses when we weren’t able to see them!  So when it came time to sell that house we knew that there was no one else in PDX that we wanted to work with.  They made selling our house a breeze!  If you want agents that will go above and beyond for you with all your real estate need then these are the ladies to contact!”

“I really enjoyed working with Erica and Emma. They were professional and knowledgeable and fought for a ton of repairs from the seller. They also worked overtime to get the sale closed before my 1031 exchange and rate lock were about to expire. I’ll definitely use them again.”

“Short story: Erica and Emma are a DREAM TEAM! If you’re looking to buy a home in Portland, get them in your corner immediately.

Longer version: My husband and I started looking for a very specific kind of property (single family home with ADU to rent). We had stayed in an Airbnb of Erica’s when we first got to Portland and had a great experience with her so we decided to interview her when it was time for us to buy a house. We wanted someone with deep knowledge of Portland, long-term real estate experience and amazing client reviews, and an understanding of rental market/logistics – and Erica and her partner Emma fit the bill. They paid close attention to what we were looking for, arranged for quick scheduling of properties we wanted to see, got answers to ALL our questions, introduced us to helpful and responsive lenders, scheduled THE BEST home inspector and other necessary folks (foundation company, drainage specialist, radon/oil tank finders, chimney specialists, moving company, etc.) (side note: Never waive inspection – Erica and Emma gave great advice and advocated for credits related to inspection results that made all parties happy.) Buying a house can be a rough process, but Erica and Emma made it as smooth and positive as possible. Their guidance and expertise helped us get our first offer on a home accepted.

Erica even spent a whole afternoon at the County building searching for an ADU systems development covenant for us like a real life realtor Nancy Drew!!

I looked forward to seeing and speaking with Emma and Erica. They were always available and always honest with us while consistently doing what needed to be done to get us across the finish line and into our home.

If you are wanting to buy a home in Portland, look no further – get Erica and Emma on your team!”

“We worked with Emma to sell our first home and buy our new one. Our experience the second time around using Emma as our agent was an absolute dream. She was amazing at listening to our wants and needs, while offering suggestions and resources along the way for everything you think you might need. Most of all, she is very persistent, responsive, and great at communicating updates, as well as her schedule, so you were never left in the dark about any step in the process. We highly recommend using Emma as your agent, not only is she very good at her job, but she is also just a wonderful person. Thank you Emma!”

“My partner and I were so impressed by Emma Fraizer when she showed us a property that we immediately knew we wanted her to be our buyers agent. We could not have asked for a better buyers agent! She was perfect in every way: realistic, transparent, communicative, thorough, and she truly advocated for us at every step. I would recommend Emma very highly and plan to use her again in the future when we sell.”

“Emma helped me and my partner purchase our first home. Due to work commitments, I was pressed for time to find a place. She helped me find the perfect location and was able to help facilitate a quick sale. She was thoughtful and professional throughout the process, and often provided emotional support during this high stress time. I have looked for homes previously with other realtors and have always felt that my interests didn’t always align with those of the other people involved when making such a big purchase (realtors, lenders, sellers). Emma never made me feel that way and always made sure I felt supported and that our needs were being met. I am happy to say that we got the keys to our new home yesterday! If I am ever in the position in the future to buy or sell a home I will definitely seek Emma’s help again.”