Agent Robyn Hartmeyer

About Robyn

Robyn has been in real estate for 16 years and it quickly proved to be much more than a career – it brought together multiple passions in her life: people and home design. As a major people person, getting to know her clients is Robyn’s favorite aspect of real estate. Getting to see client’s houses and learning the story of each home is a close second. Robyn previously worked in sales so to combine that with building long lasting relationships with her clients is a perfect fit.

Born Colorado and raised in Oklahoma by two DIY’ers, there’s always a long project list around her house. Her favorite tv shows include House Hunters International and Yard Crashers.

Robyn has been described by her clients as energetic, optimistic, a pleasure to work with, loyal and trustworthy. She drives a hard negotiation with her clients best interest at heart. She thrives on learning the story of the property and following her clients’ journey.

Outside of helping clients to buy and sell properties, Robyn adores being with her husband Michael, their kids Parker and Addison. They are often seeking adventure in and around Portland or zipping to the beach or mountain. Robyn loves to travel, hike, ski and enjoys the moment she is in.


Real Estate Broker

Licensed in the State of Oregon

office: 503.238.7617 x102
cell phone: 503.866.6095
fax: 503.234.9511

Words From Robyn’s Clients:

Robyn was so great to work with. One of the smoothest deals I have ever had. She communicates with confidence and kindness. All parties involved walked away happy!

“Robyn, you surpassed every hope and expectation I could possibly have as a nervous, skittish seller. You were with me every step of the way. You understood and accepted the myriad of emotions tied into my former property and why letting go was so essential for me. You didn’t judge. You listened. You cared. You were fully present at all times. You offered honest advice in a direct manner, and your advice led to a really great end result as evidenced by the smoothness of the sale. 

When a professional truly cares about a client, it’s not in what the professional says. It’s in what the professional does. When I say that you were present, it wasn’t only via telephone. You cared enough to come with me to the signing of the closing documents. You sat with me as I broke down in tears of relief and decompression. You didn’t look away in discomfort. Instead, you handed me a tissue and said, through your actions, “It’s OK. I’m here.”

What also stands out is the manner in which you infuse your razor-sharp sense of humor into every step of your practice. Laughter truly is the best medicine, to coin a phrase, and this humor was such an imperative reminder to not take everything so seriously and to sit back and enjoy a good chuckle at circumstances.

You also, through your professionalism, taught me a very important lesson: in a business transaction, it truly goes the best when everyone gives a little. You modeled this through everything you gave to me and to the buyer: your time, your efforts, and your follow-through.

You know, I’m really happy in my new home. It’s a fresh start and a clean palette. I don’t plan on moving any time soon. However, should that point in time come, once again: it’s Robyn.”

“Hello Portland’s Alternative Realtors,

 My husband and I would like to share our recent experience with Robyn Hartmeyer. We found Robyn was: A Listener, always open to questions, flexible, great at protecting earnest money, personable 100% of the time, but also genuine, educated on the entire buying process or willing to learn, a note-taker of costly repairs for potential homes

Beyond that, you want to know that your broker can handle both good and bad situations that inevitably arise.  We felt that she did this with proficiently by knowing how to navigate the balancing act of going between two sides.  It can get frustrating just trying to enter the housing market at this time for first time home buyers, but as you look at houses it becomes more clear what is reasonable for your price range.  You worry that you will be asked to compromise what you really want instead of looking at more houses, but we never felt that we were asked to compromise.  We obviously liked her and were glad we got to work with her.  Above all her clients get treated like a person by someone who’s really nice.

Thanks to your team”


“It is with pleasure and gratitude that I share comments on my experience with Robyn Hartmeyer in the listing and sale of my home. While I have bought and sold several houses, I have never before encountered such a level of excellence.

The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace.

I am very happy to give Robyn my highest recommendation for anyone desiring to sell their property or buy one. Her in depth knowledge and the numerous professional and personal contacts places her in an enviable position from where she can take advantage of opportunities for her clients which other realtors can only dream about. This alone sets her apart from all her fellow realtors in the Portland Metro area.”

Robyn worked with my husband and I tirelessly until we found just the right house to meet all of our criteria.  She never hesitated to show us as many houses as we desired to see.  Her positive attitude helped with every aspect of our house buying experience.  If we should ever move, Robyn will be our first call.”

“Robyn helped me buy my first condo. I was so nervous to make my first big investment and she made it so simple. Robyn listened to me and guided me through all the steps to become a home owner. She showed me tons of properties and always weighed the pros and cons with me. She was attentive to my needs and made me feel like I was her only client. I would definitely recommend Robyn to anyone looking to buy a home. She is professional and goes above and beyond to make sure your experience is stellar.”

“We truly appreciate the work you did to help sell our property.  The entire process felt so easy from start to finish and then some! Thanks for always coming up with suggestions and solutions to fit our situation…you did a lot of extra footwork since we don’t live in town, and we never felt like there was a need to be there because you seemed to be one step ahead in getting things done (for example, arranging to get the keys and set up the staging so quickly, communicating with us promptly throughout the process, and arranging for the closing paperwork to be done in our home).  Your recommendations for listing price, negotiations and timing were well thought out and reasonable, but we also appreciate that you listened to our ideas.  Thank you for taking the time to sell our house…it was a pleasure working with you!”

“Robyn Hartmeyer did a great job under difficult circumstances.  Helping sell a house brought on by the ugly sad process called divorce is a challenge that most would have stumbled through awkwardly.  Robyn remained collected, upbeat and kept it simple.  Throw in the fact that no one wanted the place for a stink of a long time was tough for Robyn & and I.  She did not falter.  Robyn helped guide me through and kept my confidence up.  Something that I and others greatly need during the process of a house sale and a divorce. In a nutshell Robyn did an awesome job and I am very grateful.”

“Overall, we were happily surprised that within two months of working with you, we closed on our first home and we are forever thankful for your help throughout the process.  As first-time home buyers, we were initially very nervous and apprehensive.  Thanks to your knowledge, experience, and guidance, we felt much more confident that we were making the right decisions, and are now happily settled in our new home.”

“How do you thank someone who has gone above and beyond and has given us so much? These past few years had been very trying for us and our sanity. We started out with a Realtor that wasn’t working for us and then you came along…this beautiful light! You were our grounding force with your open honesty, vast knowledge and the ability to see beyond. Your thoughtfulness is a gift we will always treasure. You have become a part of our family, a friend who always knows how to make life a little brighter. There isn’t a gift big enough to repay you for all you have don’t, but know this: we are eternally grateful! Thank you!”

“Robyn-thank you for your hard work. There were twists and turns, but I appreciate your excellent communication and guidance.”