Spring has sprung which means relocation rates pickup and the itch to clean and refresh gets real!  Our latest mailer takes the legwork out of finding local resources for recycling all of those things that can’t go straight to the curb.  If you’re on our mailing list, watch for your guide to low-impact, earth-friendly decluttering in the mail!  If you’re not part of our distribution community, read on for links, pro tip and recommendations!


1. kitchen appliances: Annie Haul
(*pro tip:  Energy Star models: the EPA’s Energy Star Program offers rebates for some large, recycled appliances.)
refrigerators:  Energy Trust of Oregon

2. electronics:  Free Geek, Oregon E-Cycles:
(*we recommend:  Oregon Metro’s search engine tells you how to recycle pretty much anything in the Portland area!

3. light bulbs, batteries:  Batteries Plus Bulbs, Orchard Supply Hardware
(*pro tip:  Household batteries do not need to be recycled, but recycling is the better option. Take used batteries to recycling facilities or drop-off locations.)

4. clothing:  H&M, Family Friend

5. furniture, household items:  ECR Recycling
mattresses:  Earth 911
(*fun fact:  ECR also accepts mattresses and some local mattress shops like Mattress Lot might be able to take your mattress for a small fee.)

6. most non-recyclable plastics like Styrofoam, foam food trays: Agylix
(*pro tip:  Look for the recycle symbol #6.)

Local recycling services, drop off and pickup info. available at: Earth 911 and Oregon Metro .


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Happy spring cleaning from all of us here at Portland’s Alternative Realtors!