A Community Energy Project offers free classes on lead based paint


Lead poisoning has hit the headlines during the past few months because of the situation in Flint, Michigan, where citizens have been overwhelmed by a huge, toxic-water problem. Portland, fortunately, does not have problems with lead in its water, but its denizens should be aware of lead-based paint.

Lead-based paint was for all practical purposes the only kind of paint used on homes throughout the United States until 1978. About 80 percent of homes in Multnomah County were built before 1978. Those are two of the many facts you will learn when you listen to a presentation by Ryan Barker on lead poisoning prevention.

Barker is a community educator who works for the Community Energy Project, a non-profit organization that teaches Portlanders how to maintain healthy, livable homes; control utility costs; and conserve natural resources.

Barker gives workshops about the hazards of lead poisoning. The workshops, offered throughout the Portland metro area, are free of charge and open to everyone.

Read the whole story here on the Hollywood Star News website

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