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Soup’s On! We’re Hosting a Soup Drive!

BE A SOUP-ER HERO! We want to invite you to embrace your inner “Soup-er Hero” and bring warmth to your community today! Portland’s Alternative Realtors is thrilled to partner with Lift UP, a local nonprofit we’ve worked with for years that’s dedicated to enhancing food security for our neighbors in Downtown and Northwest Portland. From February 12th to March […]

15-Year vs. 30-Year Fixed Mortgage

Deciding which mortgage loan option would be best for you is a complex process. If you’re looking to choose between a 15-year fixed rate mortgage and a 30-year fixed rate mortgage you must evaluate all the different factors to ensure that you’re making a home loan decision that you’re comfortable with. Find out the differences […]


The history of vintage tapestries and woven goods is a rich and fascinating one that spans centuries and continents. These intricate pieces of art not only serve as decorative items but also provide a glimpse into the culture and history of the societies that created them. From ancient civilizations to medieval Europe and beyond, the […]

The Declutter Your Home Checklist

Your home is your castle. But lately, it’s starting to look a little more medieval than you’d prefer. If you’re feeling overwhelmed – it’s okay, it happens to everyone. But if you want to get back to living like royalty, you’ll need a plan to declutter your home. Consider this your ultimate “declutter your home” checklist, helping […]


Vintage collections are more than just a hobby; they are a reflection of our history and personal style. Whether you collect vintage clothing, vinyl records, antique furniture, or any other unique items, it’s important to find creative ways to display and showcase your treasures. Not only will this bring your collection to life, but it […]

Can You Rent Out Your Primary Residence?

There are many reasons you might consider renting out your home. You might want to purchase a new primary residence new primary residence and earn extra income by renting out the first one. But can you rent out your primary residence? The answer is “yes.” However, the exact process can depend on several factors. Here’s everything you […]

Tax Benefits of Owning a Home

Homeowners have several opportunities to reduce the overall amount they owe in taxes by claiming certain items on their taxes. Here’s an overview of a few of the major tax benefits of owning a home. Standard Deductions or Itemized Deductions? The state and local tax deductions homeowners can claim on their taxes are designed to reduce their […]

Adopt a storm drain

Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) crews work to keep city drains clear and prevent flooding. With over 58,000 drains in the city, we can’t get to them all. “Adopt” a storm drain near you and help keep them clear of debris. Tips on clearing drains and information about stormwater runoff. About storm drains Portland’s storm […]

How To Identify A Scam

You’ve probably experienced it: a strange phone call claiming to be from the IRS, a notice you’re late on a bill you’re sure you paid, or a congratulations for winning a sweepstakes you never entered. These are all examples of scams – and we want to help you identify them. What is a scam? A […]

Winning a Homebuyer Bidding War

Play your cards right when you really want the house. You’ve found it: The home of your dreams (cue the heavenly angel voices and “Happily Ever After” banner waving in the breeze). But reality can hit hard: Your dream home happens to occupy the same happy heart space within, oh, roughly 20 other homebuying challengers who want […]