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5 Home Renovation Trends That Will Spruce up Your Space

Home renovation trends are constantly evolving. Many homeowners struggle to find the perfect balance, because the rules are always changing. Between creating a home that will sell for top dollar to living in a space that reflects their taste now, it’s a difficult balance to strike. Following home trends just because they offer more profit […]

What Is a Victorian House? A Home Fit for Romantics

A Victorian house sounds like it comes from the Victorian era. And the Victorian era conjures up images of women in corsets and hoop skirts lounging on fainting couches. But where? In a Victorian house, of course. But what exactly is a Victorian house? Even some people familiar with the term aren’t exactly sure what […]

7 Architectural Elements You Should Never Touch During a Renovation

Older homes have plenty of charm, but they also have their inconveniences: drafts, slanting floors, closed-in kitchens, and tiny bathrooms. The way we live now is just different. So if you’re considering updating an older home to incorporate modern comforts, there’s something appealing about just doing a gut renovation and starting with a clean slate. Then you […]

Homebuyers, Here’s How To Stay Positive in Today’s Crazy-Competitive Seller’s Market

The real estate market has never been better for sellers. Over the past year, the low housing inventory and record-high prices gave most sellers the opportunity to make big profits quickly. Homes typically sold in one week and received full asking price, according to the National Association of Realtors®’ 2021 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. And […]

Beautiful Backyard Landscaping Ideas

The backyard landscaping ideas you choose aren’t just about keeping the neighbors from complaining about the mess. Your backyard should be an oasis, a place where you want to spend time. But while most homeowners pine for a green patch of land to call their own, once they’ve got it, they very rarely visit the place. […]

8 Bathroom Remodel Ideas That Really Pay Off

Good bathroom remodel ideas aren’t just about saving you money. They’re also about helping you start your day off right. Let’s get real: The first room you stumble into in the morning—bleary-eyed, dazed, and yawning—should be a soothing oasis. A bathroom that achieves those lofty heights? That’s a bathroom you can love. That’s why these most special of rooms are second […]