Supporting Local Businesses

It’s fall. Not any fall, but fall 2020, which means there’s A LOT going on. We’re not even going to get into the particulars of this intense fall season. Hello, 2020, you’re here to teach us all sorts of lessons, aren’t you?

Well, we’re here to distract you (not from the important stuff), but from the stress of it all. Some people stress eat, others stress shop. We say do it all, just do it here. Not only do our lovely small businesses need your support during the pandemic, it feels awesome to be out in the drizzly, fresh air.

In the spirit of shopping, eating, and playing locally we put out some feelers to our geographically diverse team here at Portland’s Alternative Realtors. We are a small group, but
we are truly spread out all over the city. We thought since your travel plans to Fiji have most
definitely been cancelled, maybe you’d like to take a little local trip outside your neighborhood
and explore all that Portland has to offer in the way of takeout, shopping and recreating- all
within city limits.

Leia’s Picks

● Neighborhood: Hillsdale/SW Portland

● Restaurant: Oak and Olive

● Shop: Gurton’s Plant Shop

● Attraction: Council Crest Park 

Carla’s Picks

● Neighborhood: Mt. Tabor

● Restaurant: Coquine

● Shop: Imelda’s

● Attraction: Mt. Tabor Park

Colleen’s Picks

● Neighborhood: Woodstock

● Restaurant: Bergerac

● Shop: Red Fox Vintage

● Attraction: Woodstock farmers market

Amy’s Picks

● Neighborhood: Sellwood/Westmoreland

● Restaurant: Jade Teahouse

● Shop: Milieu 

● Attraction: Sellwood Riverfront Park

Robyn’s Picks

● Neighborhood: Bridlemile

● Restaurant: Gigi’s Cafe

● Shop: Annie Bloom’s Books

● Attraction: Hamilton Park

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