Home Upgrades: Are They Worth It?

As we start the New Year and we begin making lists of goals and items we would like to accomplish in 2021 we would like to offer a bit of insight as you choose your home projects.

As Realtors we often get called out to properties to look at home projects and repairs and to give advice about what will yield the highest return in
value.Especially as clients prepare to sell, many projects often surface and what will get the highest return?

To compare a few projects that may be on your list: kitchen upgrade, then deck upgrade then bathroom upgrade in this order will yield the highest return. (according to the Remodeling 2020 Cost vs. Value Report www.costvsvalue.com). We also get asked about windows wood vs. vinyl. The wood preserve the age and aesthetic but the vinyl are often much cheaper.

Often there are items that can be fixed or spruced up prior to a sale. Buyers love new flooring and fresh paint as well. If you are interested in a more extensive list of additions and remodels and their cost vs. value please read on.

At Portland’s Alternative Inc., Realtors we adore our clients and always love an excuse to come by and see you and your amazing homes. Please use us a resource to make decisions about upgrades and remodels, we can save you money!

At this particular moment in time a home office, at-home classroom, or covered deck are all hot additions to your home.

Robyn‘s Remodel Story

“We extended and covered our back deck. We added ceiling fans and heaters as well as a fire table to this space. It was the best decision we could have made. By adding the fans and heaters, we turned the deck into a 4-season room. I love to work on the deck early in the morning in the winter while it is raining, but we also love to entertain in the sunshine on the deck. Especially in this time of being home so much with Covid, we are super grateful for this space that converts from office, to dining room, lounge, living room, etc. if you are considering an outdoor space, I would highly recommend to add cooling and heating to make the space useable year round.”  -Robyn Hartmeyer, Realtor, Licensed in Oregon