2023’s Top Kitchen Trends Are All About Saving Money, Honey


Is your kitchen begging for some updates or a full-on makeover? Then you’ll want to be up on the latest design trends and keep the environment in mind, too.

A new survey of 3,600 homeowners by Houzz has found that an overwhelming majority of people planning a kitchen renovation this year (92%) are looking to include eco-friendly features.

Some of the most popular upgrades chosen include energy-saving appliances (61%) and LED lights (65%), as well as more efficient windows (27%) and fixtures that conserve water (34%).

Yet saving the earth is actually more of a side benefit to homeowners’ main goal: saving money.

According to Houzz staff economist Marine Sargsyan, “the most frequent reason behind choosing sustainable options is long-run cost effectiveness, with environmental-friendliness as a secondary consideration.”

Photo by Kountry Kraft 

Saving cash isn’t easy, though, given the median spend on minor kitchen renovations has shot up 40% year over year, to $14,000. Meanwhile, the money plunked down for major overhauls (which include replacing all appliances and cabinets) has remained steady at $45,000.

Here’s a detailed look at the report’s findings, which might get some ideas cooking on how to change up your own kitchen, too.

A new year, a new style

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As has been the pattern over the past few years, 83% of homeowners who are delving into a kitchen rehab are changing the room’s style. Top designs include transitional (23%), followed by modern (14%) and contemporary (12%). Still love the modern farmhouse look? It remains in the mix and even went up a point from last year, to 11%.

Open floor plans are still going strong

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When it comes to kitchen design, the open plan is still in vogue. Last year, interest in this look dropped a bit, but per the latest numbers, 40% of renovating homeowners are opting for cook spaces that are open to the rest of their interiors, which is up from 38% in the previous year.

What’s more, 20% of folks are even looking to open up their new kitchens to the outdoors, with a set of double doors or row of doors taking the top choice (46%), a single door after that (29%), and a pass-through window last, at 14%.

White still rules, with wood tones next

Photo by rk MILES, Inc. 

Forty percent of homeowners surveyed still want white cabinets in their kitchens, but wood-toned options are gaining traction, up 3 percentage points, to 24%, this time around. And for those homeowners who are into contrasting island cabinet doors, black as well as medium and dark wood shades all increased at least 2 percentage points in 2022.

But blue (24%) and gray (15%) still win the kitchen island color contest, even though these hues declined 2 and 3 percentage points respectively since last year.

Electronic upgrades are everywhere

Photo by Mannino Cabinetry 

Sustainability, pretty colors, and a breezy open flow don’t mean a thing if you can’t charge all of the family phones in one easy spot. Electronic improvements continue to increase in desirability, per the report, which includes docking stations (49%, up 9 percentage points), wireless speakers for rocking out during Taco Tuesday (37%, up 11 percentage points), and stereos (up 10 percentage points, to 20%).

Homeowners also crave high-tech bells and whistles in their faucets and appliances. Sink tap choices include ones that save water (24%) and those that offer touch-only or touch-less activation (23%).

As for fridges and other big-ticket items, folks are putting in appliances with Wi-Fi connections (25%) and ones that can be controlled from a phone or tablet (24%).

Put that contractor on speed dial

Photo by M Prevost Design 

Homeowners know they need the right person on the job when it comes to kitchen rehabs, which is why 84% still pick a pro rather than going the DIY route. General contractors rank the highest (50%), with kitchen designers (22%), interior decorators (15%), and architects (11%) following behind.

And to get those green touches just right, 3% of us are hiring a dedicated source to advise on all things eco-friendly in the kitchen. Mother Earth thanks you!


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