5 Instagram Looks That’ll Make Your Foyer Bloom This Season


Every spring, the design world seems to come out in full bloom to celebrate, and this year is no exception. This week, we’re shaking off our drab neutrals and heavy winter blankets for lighter, brighter, and more vibrant pops of color—and it’s all happening in the foyer.

From flower-shaped designs to peppy welcome mats, this week’s trending Instagram decor will pull your entryway out from its deep winter slumber into the new sunny season ahead. Here are the five looks you’ll want to steal this week.

1. Tulip-shaped baskets

Love flowers but not so much into floral prints? Then you’re going to want to spring for this tulip-shaped basket (and all its whimsical vibes) from @kerripilchikdesign.

“The popularity of decorating with baskets is a classic, long-running trend,” says designer Autumn Stankovsky, of FLOOR360. “These tulip baskets are both functional and visually interesting for an entryway since they can store outdoor gear and also add flair to the space. The rounded design can soften the straighter lines you’ll find with tables, mirrors, and coat hooks.”

Get the look: Snag a few of these flower-shaped beauties.

2. Plant pedestal

For another earthy twist on your entryway decor, consider putting your favorite houseplant on a literal pedestal, like in this post from @lesliebnew.

“Adding plants and greenery is a design trend that’s still going strong, especially in spring and summer,” says Stankovsky. “That’s why adding an architecturally interesting plant stand or pedestal for your fern is becoming a preferred design anchor for an entryway. There’s freedom to choose the combination of plant holder and stand, and you can make a statement with a bold color or add texture to make it feel more natural.”

Get the look: Put your favorite plant on display with this spun-metal plant stand.

3. Layered frames

There’s something about vintage decor schemes and fresh flowers—especially when the vintage pieces in question are layered picture frames like these ones from @collectionprints.

“Layered frames create depth and interest while incorporating a more maximalist style in a carefree, less fussy kind of way,” says Stephanie Purcell, owner of Redesigned Classics. “You can mix and match patterns, colors, and styles of frames for a more eclectic feel as well.”

Get the look: Shop the entire collection of mix and match frames on Etsy.

4. This tile mat

If you haven’t yet gotten on the @letterfolk tile mat bandwagon that’s been taking the internet by storm, consider this your sign from the universe.

“There’s no better way to customize a space or your home than with arts and crafts made by the people who live there,” says Stankovsky. “A customizable tile welcome mat is the perfect way to create something that’s fun and unique to the home it’s in.”

Get the look: Get creative with the original tile mat from Letterfolk.

5. Foyer mural

For a work of art that will capture interest on a more vertical plane in your foyer, you might just want to consider a mural like this one from @m_m_interior_design.

“Murals instantly add interest and draw the eye in, so incorporating one to your foyer helps give an often overlooked space a dramatic transformation,” says Purcell. “The foyer is often one of the first places a guest sees when entering your space, so why not make it worth viewing?”

Get the look: Give your foyer some gallery-level glam with this rural vintage landscape wallpaper.


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