Bauhaus Is Back: 5 Fresh Ways To Give Your Living Room This Modernist Aesthetic

Bauhaus Is Back: 5 Fresh Ways To Give Your Living Room This Modernist Aesthetic

Even as the design world grapples with new trends like “Barbiecore” and maximalism, there are still plenty of “old” design principles that are making their way back into our homes. One of these is so well integrated into midcentury modern decor that you might not have even heard of it.

“Bauhaus design is the epitome of modernism,” says designer Elizabeth Vergara, of Vergara Homes. “It’s all about embracing clean lines, simplicity, and the use of modern materials like steel, glass, and concrete.”

The Bauhaus design movement started at the beginning of the 20th century at an art school of the same name. The school was open for only 14 years, but it was enough to enshrine this hypermodern aesthetic, which includes lots of colorful, abstract pieces.

Curious to see how you can bring Bauhaus into your living room? Here are a few of our favorite recent looks from Instagram.

1. Color-pop cabinet

The first Bauhaus look we’re loving right now is this color-pop cabinet from @villa_pocket.

“This bright yellow steel cabinet reflects the Bauhaus design ethos, emphasizing both functionality and the use of vibrant colors,” says Vergara. “It aligns with the movement’s embrace of modern materials and its aim to create visually striking yet practical designs.”

Get the look: Bring some Bauhaus-worthy color into your living room with this Gioia steel accent cabinet.

2. Abstract wall decor

Color is key when it comes to incorporating this modernist design style, and nothing embraces it more than this vivid, abstract wall decor featured by @designplusmag.

“What’s great about using large abstract canvases is that they go with almost any midcentury modern furniture scheme,” says Ana Cummings of ANA Interiors Ltd. “When the walls are white and your key pieces are neutral, you really want something like this with loads of personality.”

Get the look: Add some color to your blank-slate space by shopping this collection of abstract paintings on Etsy.

3. DIY coffee table

This artfully arranged stack of books from @chrisfluence is what “form meets function” means, according to Bauhaus design.

“Create a DIY Bauhaus-inspired piece of functional furniture by artfully stacking large coffee-table books to serve as a side table,” says Courtney Wollersheim of FLOOR360. “Be sure to add plenty of brightly colored books to the stack to complete the look.”

Get the look: Stack away with your favorite books, and then take the design a step further by pairing it with other geometric shapes like this Adrius table lamp.

4. Clean lines

Bauhaus design loves its clean lines, and this combination of highly structural tables and lamps from @chusedandco illustrates the concept perfectly.

“Your eyes notice linear elements, especially without the clutter to distract,” says Cummings. “Spaces like this offer us a sense of calm, are easy to maintain, and oftentimes appear larger because they’re visually airy.”

Get the look: Incorporate a clean-line look in your space with this Delford sideboard.

5. Function first

Another key element of Bauhaus that was perfectly illustrated on Instagram this week? This “function first” furniture layout from @simonepolk.

“There can be beauty in piling in the most comfortable inviting seating in a room where all pieces harmoniously work because they employ the same hue,” says Cummings. “It works well because every piece has a unique shape and serves an absolute purpose.”

Get the look: Create a function-first Bauhaus living room by combining a few ultracomfy pieces like this Shurtz loveseat and this suede armless lounger.


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