Chic Ceramics: 5 Times Bathroom Tiles Positively Dominated the Design

Bathroom design depends on a lot of things: the materials used, the color scheme, and, of course, the overall layout. (No hard-to-reach toilet paper rolls, please!)

But sometimes, what makes or breaks a bathroom all depends on one of our favorite materials—tile. This week, we searched far and wide on Instagram to find the absolute best, most inspiring looks that are, you guessed it, positively decked out in tile.

Whether you’re looking for a mood board for your upcoming bathroom remodel or just seeking some fresh inspiration for your design-obsessed Pinterest, these five looks are top of their class. Here are five times tile was anything but boring—and absolutely overtook bathroom design.

1. Green subway tiles

For a daring foray into tiling that will instantly define the vibe in your bathroom (or create a memorable guest bathroom), check out this glossy green subway tile look from @breezegiannasio.

“This is no ordinary subway tile,” says Megan Nelson of Nest with the Nelsons. “I’m a sucker for adding a little pop of green in any design. These tiles totally rule the show, while keeping this bathroom lively and upbeat without going over the top—green and serene!”

Get the look: Go for verdant vibes with this Antic Verde ceramic subway tile.

2. Ombre rose backsplash

Another color-infused look we love when it comes to tiling that’s anything but boring is this ombre pink marble backsplash from @claire.totman.designs. The ombre fad may have faded, but this design shows us just why (and how) it’s making a comeback.

“Ombre got far too trendy and unpolished with cheap peel-and-stick wall murals,” says Devin Shaffer of Decorilla. “When you scale down the effect and make it less obvious—like with these ombre tiles applied in a herringbone pattern—it becomes more stately and sophisticated.”

Get the look: Create a vanity look that adds a classic edge to the ombre trend by opting for a backsplash in Color One Terra Blend cement and lava stone tiles.

3. Big-check floors

Speaking of stately bathroom design, it doesn’t get any more traditional (or refined) than a big-check tile floor like this one from @jefftrotterdesign.

“Tiles keep getting bigger and bigger, and I fully support that,” says Shaffer. “The larger the tile, the fewer grout lines you have, which looks cleaner and more architectural. This look is here to stay: scaled-up classic black and white checkered patterns with super high-end materials.”

Get the look: Go big or go home with a few boxes of Affinity tile.

4. Art deco floor tiles

When you want to bring the class and the funk, look no further than this art deco-inspired floor tile from @designerfloors.

“Anyone else hear the angels singing when they see this bathroom?” asks Nelson. “Art deco meets extreme glam to bring a totally luxurious experience in this primary suite. The movement of the tile paired with the luxe look of the marble is the icing on the cake.”

The best part about this look? It works equally well when paired with minimalist or maximalist bathroom decor.

Get the look: Infuse your bathroom with some heavenly magic with this VZAG Nero black, gold, and white marble mosaic tile.

5. Floor-to-ceiling neutrals

Who says neutrals mean boring? This all-over neutral tile look from @co_architecture_au is anything but dull.

“When the same finishes are used both on the floor and walls, you’ll feel far more in control of the cleanliness of your bathroom,” says Shaffer. “And what’s even better is that neutrals complement nearly all metallics used on hardware—which allows for subtle or bold selections.”

Get the look: Keep a clean (and stylish) bathroom with this Easton Summit handmade clay tile.


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