Unique and Chic: 5 Vintage Bathroom Looks That Add Big Bang (for Very Few Bucks)

Unique and Chic: 5 Vintage Bathroom Looks That Add Big Bang (for Very Few Bucks)

When it comes to home décor projects, our eyes are often bigger than our wallets. There’s always plenty that needs to be done and a limited amount of time (and funds) to make it happen.

That’s why we’re turning to one of our favorite ways to remake spaces this week—one that doesn’t involve blowing your budget shopping online.

Summer is the season of thrifting—from the antiques stores you’ll encounter on vacation to the flea markets and pop-ups right in your ZIP code. We scoured Instagram for some of the trendiest and thriftiest looks in bathrooms right now.

Here are our five favorites to inform your next vintage haul.

1. Bright wallpaper

One of our top thrifty moves for a drab bathroom? Styling a few walls in bright, vintage wallpaper like this one from @theproperpeacock.

“The vintage trend is everywhere, and wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to incorporate the look,” says decor influencer Judith Lato, of @jotitup. “Vintage wallpapers can be so fun and completely transform the vibe. And for smaller spaces, like bathrooms, wallpaper’s very budget-friendly.”

Get the look: If you can’t find any vintage wallpaper you like, check out these retro styles from Wayfair.

2. Mix-and-match Delft tile

If you’re not interested in wallpaper, you might want to remake your bathroom with some tile, like this mix-and-match look with Delft tile from @blythcollinsoninteriors. (Delft is a style of blue-and-white ceramics.)

“Delft tile can be the perfect vintage addition to a bathroom,” says Lato. “With their traditional blue-and-white colors, they can add an antique spa feel to the space. Mix and matching make the tile visually interesting and even allows for depicting a specific story with the illustrations.”

Get the look: Scour your local thrift shops for Delft tile. Or save some money and make your own imitation Delft tile with this DIY guide.

3. A DIY vanity

Another DIY project we love is bathroom vanities that break from the boring, like this custom one from @kaitlinsmithinteriors.

“DIY vanity updates are perfect for any homeowner because, in a long weekend and for little money, you can completely transform the look of your bathroom,” says DIY expert Tracey Amadio, of @porchdaydreamer. “For $100 or less, you can paint a vanity and create a high-end look like you spent thousands on a remodel without the headache.”

Get the look: Source an antique dresser from your local thrift shop or follow Amadio’s online guides to repainting a vanity for a whole new look.

4. Funky plant stands

Among our favorite thrift items in home decor are plant stands. The possibilities are endless, and they always add extra character to the space, as in this design from @mels_home_and_garden.

“Unique plant stands are such a fun way to add some greenery to a bathroom,” says Lato. “Keep an open mind while thrifting, and you’ll find plenty of options to fit the bill: a stool, small side table, a coat rack for hanging plants, or even a funky statue.”

Get the look: Start scouring your local flea market and estate sales. Or skip the search, and opt for this affordable teak stool with vintage flair.

5. Old rugs

Probably the most rewarding finds in vintage collections are area rugs. There’s something deeply satisfying about paying a fraction of the original price for something that maintains its craftsmanship for generations.

And even the most worn-out rug can still work for certain jobs, like this bath mat inspiration from @eyeforpretty.

“Old rugs may have been one of the first decor items to inspire the vintage comeback,” says Lato. “They provide character and warmth even in a modern bathroom. Vintage rugs typically have muted colors and designs that soften a space and pair perfectly with wood tones.”

Get the look: Find your perfect vintage rug by shopping the collection on Kilim. Or opt for an even cheaper lookalike on Society6.


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