Are you tired of your walls. Like literally if you have to look at them for another 6 months you may scream?

Good news. The the real estate market is still brisk. More good news. There are more buyers than houses for sale on the market. That means with the law of supply and demand, housing prices remain high, despite the unemployment rate climbing.

If you want to trade your walls in for some new walls, this is a good time to do it.

Realtors have done a great job pivoting quickly. In lieu of open houses, are virtual video tours, and spaced out appointments. Even if you’re living in your house, we can list it safely. Buyers are now previewing listings online with enhanced video tours. This has eliminated most non-serious buyers needlessly tromping through your property.

Why list with me? You know that I offer a superior level of service. You know I won’t BS you, and you know that I’ll work super hard to make sure everything is done as well as possible. On that note, to ensure every t is crossed and every i is dotted I’ve paired up with Leia Carlton and Erica Dagle, my principal brokers, to make sure you have the best sales experience possible. Between us there’s 36 years of experience selling real estate. That’s hard to beat.

I’m here to answer all your questions! Shoot me a text, drop me a line, let’s be in touch and let’s sell those walls!

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