Flush Out the Old: Go Luxe in the Loo With These 5 Affordable Bathroom Trends


When you think of the most design-forward room in your home, does the bathroom come to mind? For most of us, the answer is a resounding NO. In fact, unless you’re lucky enough to have a spa space with a free-standing tub and a rain shower, rarely do bathrooms go down in history as the most meditative or creative spaces.

But bathrooms can, in fact, be creative works of art just as much as (if not more than) your other interiors.

That’s why, for this week’s Instagram decor lineup, we chose to highlight five beautiful bathrooms with distinctive decor touches that showcase the potential of these humble rooms.

Whether you’re hoping to bring some unique charm to a sterile bathroom or personalize your plain powder room, the following suggestions offer something for everyone. Here are five bathroom trends we’re loving right now.

1. Washed-stone backsplash

When the usual subway tiles aren’t cutting it, turn instead to a more rough-hewn natural tile like the ones seen in this washed-stone backsplash from @reallivingmag.

“A washed-stone backsplash embraces nature and its perfect imperfection,” says designer Lauren Byington, of Warren & Lauren. “This look is a synthesis of nature and modernity. Adding organic elements like a washed-stone backsplash can offer a soft yet impactful element to your bathroom.”

Get the look: Incorporate some impossibly sweet organic elements into your bathroom with this antique stone mosaic tile.

A gallery wall is often something we expect to see in an entryway or living room—not so much in a bathroom. But the unexpected quality of this look from @themaximalistdreamer is one of the reasons it holds so much charm.

“Bathrooms have moved far from bland and sterile,” says Byington. “Now they can carry a lot of personality and be a representation of who we are. Why do so many people get their best ideas in the shower? Bathrooms can be a place where creativity heightens. Pay homage to this notion with a bathroom gallery wall.”

Get the look: Follow this tutorial for tips to create your own bathroom gallery wall.

3. Wall-mounted faucet

Speaking of unique surprises, one of the best ways to achieve a custom look in your bathroom is by installing a wall-mounted faucet—just like we see in the look from @kerrieann_jones_stylist.

“I love the extra space on the vanity that these fixtures offer,” says designer Ana Cummings, of ANA Interiors. “Wall-mounted faucets can be both functional and highly decorative. They’re often paired with a show-stopping vessel sink and incorporated into the wall design. The number of metal finishes that these fixtures come in can really add to and elevate the design.”

In addition to the placement of this bathroom faucet, we also love the trendy brass finish.

Get the look: Create more usable space on your bathroom vanity with this Duchess antique brass wall-mounted fixture set.

4. Jute hamper

No stylish, well-designed room is complete without an element that adds texture and warmth to the space. This jute hamper from @bramleyandbear offers style and function. If you have the space, we recommend grabbing one ASAP.

Not only can a jute hamper serve as a catchall for laundry and towels, but it can also soften up the appearance of an otherwise shiny, cold bathroom.

Get the look: Soften up your space with this boho-style hamper.

5. Striped shower tiles

Looking to go above and beyond with the creative expression of your bathroom? Consider a shower tile arrangement like this one from @stiltje.se.

“Stripes stand the test of time,” says Byington. “Using them creatively, especially to define a space like the shower and add a decorative feature to the space, is brilliant.”

Get the look: Find shower tile in complementary colors, then follow this tutorial to create a perfectly striped shower.


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