Glow-Up Your Kitchen With These 5 Whimsical Looks Under $200


Do you ever wish your kitchen could be a bit more than just a functional, meal-prep room?

Sure, you want ample counter space and all the latest kitchen gadgets. But maybe you also want a dash of decor that feels authentically you—a perfect piece that conveys the same warmth and quirk as a professionally-designed kitchen (without the designer price tag).

Glow-Up Your Kitchen With These 5 Whimsical Looks Under $200

Enter the creative genius of Instagram’s biggest decor tastemakers, who can help you bring just the right amount of whimsy into your kitchen—all for under $200.

1. Hooded gold sconce

Great lighting is a key component to amping up the cozy factor of any kitchen. And there’s something about a metallic-finished sconce, like this one from @thekitchendesigngroup, that brightens up a space in more ways than one.

“Choosing a brushed gold finish for fixtures in kitchens is very on trend,” says designer Courtney Wollersheim of FLOOR360. “Homeowners continue to gravitate to warm neutrals, and nothing enhances a neutral palette like the glow of a golden light fixture. The hooded sconce is a classic element that exudes a vintage vibe and creates visual interest in a modern kitchen.”

Get the look: Bring on the warmth with a few of these ultra-affordable brass wall sconces.

2. Reclaimed kitchen rafters

If your kitchen lacks a bit of vintage charm, then adding in a few (non-structural) rafters like these from @carterfamilyranchhome might be just the thing.

“Reclaimed wood rafters are an excellent choice to add a touch of warmth in a sleek modern kitchen,” says Wollersheim. “Wood rafters hit two trends—bringing the outside inside and seeking out eco-conscious design solutions for the home. Deep wood grains and knots in a reclaimed look are the most desirable because they add the most character.”

Get the look: Follow this DIY to create your very own wood rafter look on the cheap.

3. Farmhouse sink

For a kitchen upgrade that truly checks all the whimsy-meets-function boxes, look no further than this farmhouse sink from @interioryesplz.

“The farmhouse sink, a classic design from long ago, is perfect for today’s kitchen,” says designer Susan Serra. “Its form adds a visual focal point to the sink area, an ’embrace’ of the sink itself. And its function allows for a deeper and wider sink. In addition, having virtually no ledge between you and the inside of the sink makes using the sink much easier.”

Get the look: Upgrade your sink with this classically designed farmhouse basin.

4. Sheer curtains

Whether you’re looking to enhance your kitchen’s privacy or amp the airy vibes (or both), these sheer curtains from @ekaterynagonchar are a great place to start.

“Finding ways to add softness to the kitchen is on everyone’s minds now as we spend so much more time in the kitchen than before,” says Serra. “Textiles soften all the kitchen’s hard surfaces and are exactly what’s needed for kitchens of every size.”

Get the look: Soften up your space with these gorgeous sheer curtains from West Elm.

5. Tuck-away table

Looking for another fantastic addition in form and function? This perfectly-sized pullout table from @my_homely_decor is just the kind of whimsical quirk we love to see in kitchens.

“Kitchens with multi-functional design elements are very much on trend,” says Serra. “A pullout table can function as a rest spot for a cup of tea, a chopping block, or a supplementary countertop. The pullout table looks lovely with its wood top and expands the function of the kitchen.”

Get the look: Add a little tuck-away table to your kitchen with this simple DIY.


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