Put the ‘Pow’ in Your Powder Room With These 5 Budget-Savvy Décor Ideas

Glamming up a guest bathroom is often a lower priority than, say, modernizing your kitchen or replacing your roof. But as the holidays approach—and your regular guests come a-calling—you might be looking for ways to spruce up your spare loo on the cheap.

This week we gathered five trendy decor looks from Instagram—with affordable ways to get these looks—that are sure to inspire your guest bath overhaul. No matter how small or large of a project you’re looking to take on, the following ideas offer something for everyone.

It’s time to put the “pow” back into your powder room—without spending a ton of money. Here’s how.

1. Sectional mirrors

A common decorating trick is to add a mirror to a space to jazz it up, and these sectional mirrors from @bathroom_decor take the concept in a charming and unexpected direction.

“Geometric mirrors can create a focal point in a small space,” says interior designer Amanda Oninski, of FLOOR360. “It’s a bold design choice that creates a look that’s both glam and luxe. Coordinating those shapes with the tile, accents, and wallpaper in the space will make it feel complete.”

Get the look: Arrange a few of these diamond-shaped wall mirrors in your guest bath.

2. Smoky glass pendants

Another quick way to upgrade your stale bathroom is with new light fixtures. We’re in love with these chic smoky glass pendants from @maxis.homestory.

“A glass pendant light is a classic fixture,” says Oninski. “Using the smoked-glass pendants modernizes the look of the fixture and the space it’s in. This fits squarely with the design trend of creating spaces that strive to blend traditional with modern.”

Get the look: Shop this smoky glass pendant for a timeless look in your bathroom.

3. Penny tile

If you’re all in for a big design overhaul, consider redoing your bathroom walls or floor in a penny tile like this one featured by @chairishco.

“Penny tiles have been increasing in popularity in recent years because they are a cost-effective way to add some personality and a touch of vintage to a bathroom,” says interior designer Carla Bast. “The small size gives you an opportunity to get creative with patterns and create a custom look. Their small size also makes them less slippery than larger tiles.”

Get the look: Find the perfect penny tile for your bathroom by shopping this collection at Home Depot.

4. Block-print wallpaper

Calling all grandmillennials! Another way to go all out in your guest bathroom is with brand-new wallpaper like this trending block-print pattern from @mindygayerdesign.

“I love block-print wallpaper in the bathroom because it’s classic and timeless,” says Bast. “It’s not too busy or overwhelming, and has just the right amount of detail, without distracting from other features in the bathroom. Try pairing it with a bright-colored vanity for an unexpected twist or wood-toned cabinetry for a more subtle look.”

Get the look: Check out this block-print wallpaper from McGee & Co.

Looking to upgrade your wall space without changing the walls themselves? Why not install a gallery wall like this one from @the_interior_lens.

“There’s something about having a gallery wall next to your tub that adds a cozy, lived-in feel to the bathroom,” says Bast. “It feels like a natural extension of the living room into the bathroom.”

Even if your guest bathroom doesn’t have a tub, you can still add a personal touch to the space with an eclectic wall of art you’ve collected over the years.

Get the look: Shop local vintage stores for one-of-a-kind art, or download some ready-made prints on Etsy.


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