Soup’s On! We’re Hosting a Soup Drive!


We want to invite you to embrace your inner “Soup-er Hero” and bring warmth to your community today! Portland’s Alternative Realtors is thrilled to partner with Lift UP, a local nonprofit we’ve worked with for years that’s dedicated to enhancing food security for our neighbors in Downtown and Northwest Portland.

From February 12th to March 5th, we’re stirring up community support to collect 250 cans of soup for our neighbors.
You can drop off your cans of soup in our
collection bin at our beautiful office at 3144 SE Belmont St. We’re open and ready to receive from 9-5, Monday through Friday!

For those who prefer to contribute from the comfort of their homes, we’ve got you covered! You can donate cans through our online giving page. Every $10 you contribute provides 5 cans of soup, each a comforting meal for a neighbor in need.
Click here to donate virtually!

Here’s what we’re looking for:
Canned Soups: Any variety, packed with nutrients.
Boxed Soups: Easy to store, easy to share.
Low-Sodium Soups: Healthy options for everyone.
Ramen Cups: Quick, convenient, and comforting.

Why focus on soup, you might ask? Soup is more than just a meal; it’s a bowl of hope and nourishment. It tops Lift UP’s most-wanted list for its variety, ease of storage, and nutritional value. Plus, it’s a versatile option for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences or needs.

3-6 PM on Tuesday, March 5th @ our office:
3144 SE Belmont St

-You can donate virtually or in person at our office Feb 12-Mar 5
-Or you can bring your donation to our office during the party

Join us for snacks and a glass of wine!

By helping us meet our goal, you’re not just donating food; you’re ensuring that everyone has access to the comforting embrace of a warm meal. Together, we can nurture a community where no one questions their right to essential nourishment. We’re so excited to support our community! Let’s get ‘souping’!

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